The Genesis G90 is on the scene again for 2023, but this time, instead of being marketed with parent company Hyundai, Genesis is its own brand. Similar to what we saw Toyota and Lexus do in 1989, Hyundai is using that same strategy with its luxury brand, Genesis. The newly redesigned G90 is ready to hit the road with a plethora of style and features at a reasonable price. Let’s see how it does now that Genesis is its own brand.

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2023 Genesis G90

8.50 / 10
Key Features
  • Standard Equipment
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Style
  • Luxurious Interior
  • E-Supercharger
  • Model: G90
  • Engine:: 3.5-Liter V6 (Turbo or Supercharged Turbo)
  • Power Output: 375 - 409 HP
  • Torque: 391 - 405 Pound Feet
  • Range: 328 Miles
  • Transmission: Eight-Speed Automatic
  • Driveline: AWD
  • Resonable Price
  • Respectable Performance
  • Value
  • Steering Wheel Design
  • Only Two Trims
  • No Electric Or Hybrid Trim

2023 Genesis G90 Performance And Capability

White 2023 Genesis G90
A shot of the 2023 Genesis G90

The 2023 Genesis G90 gets the newest Hyundai power plants under its hood. Gone is the V-8 and in come two new V-6 engines. The first V-6 is turbocharged, typical for a base motor in this class. Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac all offer V-6 engines, but the Genesis G90 takes it a step further and offers a turbocharged and supercharged V-6 in one as its upgrade engine.

This is similar to what we’ve seen from Swedish automaker, Volvo, and it’s a marvel of engineering. The South Korean automaker is using an electric supercharger. That increases efficiency and increases reliability. While the standard turbocharged V6 is plenty of power in our opinion, the supercharged and turbocharged engine is the one to go for if you want the most bragging rights for both power and engineering status.

The standard engine, the twin-turbocharged V-6 makes a healthy 375 horsepower with 391 pound-feet of torque. That’s plenty for this large sedan, but like we said if you want the most power and engineering bragging rights, and the engine we recommend, go for the twin-turbo and supercharged engine which produces a thrilling 409 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque.

White 2023 Genesis G90
A rear 3/4 shot of a 2023 Genesis G90

While these numbers aren’t tops in the class, they are extremely potent for a V-6 engine of this displacement (3.5-liter). No matter which engine you choose, you’re getting the latest Hyundai Smart-Stream engine technology. The tech in the Smart-Stream engines increases fuel economy and reduces emissions. You’re also getting an eight-speed automatic with either engine; a great pairing.

Another thing that we really like in the G90 is the generous amount of standard equipment for the chassis and driving experience. Electronic suspension with what Genesis calls “road preview” is standard, and that adjusts the suspension for inconveniences in the road before you hit them.

It also has standard All-wheel Drive, something the Germans make you pay extra for typically. Typical for a Korean car, there’s lots of standard equipment, and the G90 is no exception. It’s refreshing to see a luxury car with so much standard kit, it’s not the typical “pay for everything” approach that many other manufacturers make you do.

2023 Genesis G90 Specs

Engine Type

3.5-Liter Turbo or Supercharged Turbo


375 - 409 HP


391 - 405 Pound Feet


Eight-Speed Automatic


Not Yet Tested




328 Miles

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Exterior Styling

White 2023 Genesis G90
A front 3/4 shot of a 2023 Genesis G90

The exterior styling of the Genesis G90 is simply stunning and looks like nothing else on the road currently. It’s definitely a stand-out full-size sedan. We’re big fans of luxury sedans, and we’re glad Hyundai decided to keep its G90 in the line-up for 2023; a whole new model at that too.

There seems to be a diamond theme with this car. Starting at the front of the G90, you get a huge grille with the current Genesis design language, which looks like a diamond. The diamond theme continues within the grille with the mesh insert and below the grille with the large air dam. The headlights are slender units with linear LED lights inside them, and they extend into the fender. The hood is large, typical for this class, and houses a Genesis logo almost like a hood ornament.

Moving around to the side of the G90, the headlight continues past the wheel well as a piece of chrome, which reminds us of the Buick Roadmaster Opera Lights a tiny bit, only the lights aren’t on the C-pillar. The wheels are stunning on either trim, but we actually prefer the base model’s wheels to the upgraded 3.5 Supercharged models wheels.

White 2023 Genesis G90
A rear 3/4 shot of a 2023 Genesis G90

The base model's wheels have a more unique design and a geometric shape inside them. The windows are large, something not always found in this type of sedan. And in the rear window shape, we see influence from the Lexus LS. It’s also worth noting that the taillights extend into the side of the vehicle too. This adds a very unique look to the sedan, a look we like.

In the rear of the Genesis, we actually see some hints of Dodge, specifically the Dodge Charger in the way the taillights look. That influence continues in the way “Genesis” is spelled out in between the taillight bars that cross the trunk lid. The taillights themselves are a wedge shape design that looks sleek just like the front lamps.

The “G90” badge is on the left, while a very classy “AWD” badge is on the right. We really like the typeface used for the “AWD” badge. Below all that style are large wrap-around reflectors in the bumper and two integrated exhaust tips. We wish there were more, but these exhausts are nicely integrated and look well executed.

The exterior of the G90 is a stand-out design. You won’t mistake it for anything else on the road. We see influence from other brands like Lexus and Dodge in its design, but Genesis has put its own unique twist on the design making this a very elegant design. Overall, we think the G90 will age gracefully and timelessly.

Exterior Colors

Exterior Colors




Maui Black Uyuni White Makalu Gray Savile Silver Hallasan Green Vik Black Capri Blue



Verbier White Matte Makalu Gray Matte


Exterior Dimension


207.7 in


76 in


58.7 in


125.2 Inches

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Interior Quality And Technology

2023 Genesis G90 dashboard
A shot of the dashboard in a 2023 Genesis G90

As you’d expect from a sedan of this caliber, the interior is top-notch. Leather and leatherette abound. The doors are stitched everywhere and the wood on the doors contains a very unique etching. The wood itself looks modern and timeless too. It reminds us of a pearl in the way it shines and reflects light. The steering wheel isn’t to our taste in design, but it mimics the Genesis logo and has all the buttons exactly where you’d expect them. We wish there was a hint of wood on the wheel, just to add that proper luxury feel.

The gauges, or should we say screens look great. However, we wish the center screen was larger and extended down further into the dash as some competitors have it. This is a more traditional old-school design for a luxury sedan, which we like, but it may not be to everyone's taste. There are still lots of buttons, which is a welcome change, as ooposed to all the controls being buried into a screen.

G90 Back Seat
2023 Genesis rear seats

As far as seating goes, expect nothing less than excellent. The seats in the G90 are large and inviting with top-notch materials. Nappa leather is standard, which is not something we can say about the European sedans. Massaging seats are also standard, again, not something commonly found in this class. The diamond theme of the exterior continues into the stitching on the seats, which we found a little overdone.

The backseat also got the designer's touch in the G90. Window shades and a suede headliner complete the package and look great. We also like how the rear seats have wood accents on them. The wood is the same gorgeous pearl-look wood that’s found in the front of the vehicle. As you’d expect, heated rear seats are standard. A climate zone in the rear is also standard, however, it’s not a quad-zone setup, which many competitors offer.

Interior Dimensions

Seating Capacity



39.4 - 38 in


42.3 - 37.8 in

Shoulder room

59.1 - 57.9 in

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2023 Genesis G90 Price

White G90
2023 Genesis G90 badge

Prices for the 2023 Genesis G90 start at $88,975 plus a standard delivery fee of $1,125. While this is a hefty chunk of change, keep in mind the luxury, features, and power you’re getting. The value quotient that the Koreans are known for, is definitely here.

We recommend the E-Supercharger AWD trim. It’s about ten-thousand dollars more, but you’re getting so much more performance and technology under the hood. You’re also getting even more features; and aside from the wheel design, we think the highest trim is the one to go for.

2023 Genesis G90 Price



3.5 E-Supercharger



The G90 is loaded with driver assistance features as standard equipment. Features like collision avoidance, blind-spot monitoring with collision avoidance assistance, lane-keep assist, speed-limit assist, and remote parking assist are standard. These are all features you expect in this class of vehicle, and Genesis delivers. Features like ABS, TPMS, stability control, traction control, AWD, and brake assist are all standard as well. The G90 has not been rated by NHTSA yet, but you can expect top marks, considering this is Genesis' flagship sedan.

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​​​​Main Competition

Mercedes S-Class Driving through the Desert
The S-Class flies down the road and her smooth, sleek lines and streamlined body style look great wherever she goes.

The flagship Genesis sedan competes in a quiet segment in terms of sales, yet a fierce segment in terms of competition. The Lexus LS, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S Class, and Audi A8 are all competitors. We think the most direct competitor is the Lexus LS, and as much as we like the Lexus, the Genesis G90 blows the LS out of the water. But when compared to the Germans, it still falls short in terms of performance and features. However, the value quotient is where the Genesis swoops in for the kill, and overall, we think the Genesis G90 is a great vehicle for the money.


Q: Is the G90 hybrid?

No, there's currently no hybrid offered.

Q: Is the G90 V8?

No, the only engines are V6 engines.

Q: Is there a manual G90?

No, the only transmission is an eight-speed automatic.

Q: Is the G90 turbocharged?

Yes, both engines are twin-turbocharged.

Q: How many does the G90 seat?

Five people in total.

Q: Is Genesis a Hyundai?

Yes, Genesis is the luxury brand of Hyundai.