Suzuki is a Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturer that was established in the early 1900s. Suzuki hasn’t sold cars in the United States since 2012, but it does continue to sell motorcycles, ATVs, and marine products.


Black GSX-R750 1
10 Reasons Why The Suzuki GSX-R750 Is The Best Supersport

It was a game changer when it was introduced, and it is still relevant today

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10 Things We Love About The Suzuki DR-Z400S

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The 10 Best Versions Of The Suzuki GSX-R750

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TTS' Supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa Just Broke The 215-MPH Barrier

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2023 Suzuki DR-Z400S: Performance, Price, And Photos

Suzuki's versatile DR-Z400S dual-sport has stood the test of time and proves that you don't need high tech to be a winning machine

An action shot of the Suzuki GSX-750R 1
Here's What Makes The Aging Suzuki GSX-R750 An Iconic Sport Bike

An icon born in 1985, the Suzuki GSX-R750 is the perfect sport bike, and that's despite no major updates in more than a decade.

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10 Most Reliable Motorcycles

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The Lightning Bolt Is An Homage To The Great Kevin Schwantz

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Why The Suzuki DR-Z400S Is The Best Value For Money Dual-Sport

With only minor changes over its more than two decade lifespan, the Suzuki DR-Z400S shows why it's still king of the hill

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10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Motorcycle

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Watch The 370-HP Suzuki HyperBusa Set A Baffling Quarter-Mile Time

Spoiler alert: it records a sub-8.5-second quarter-mile time

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2023 Suzuki GSX-R750: Performance, Price, And Photos

Despite its age, here's why the GSX-R750's back-to-basics formula epitomizes what really defines 'supersport'

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10 Cars Which Are Forbidden Fruits That Could Be A Hit In The U.S.

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Suzuki V-Strom
2023 Suzuki V-Strom 650: Performance, Price, And Photos

The 2017 update put the V-Strom 650 squarely in the adventure game and it's still going strong even today

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Suzuki V-Strom
Here's Why The Suzuki V-Strom 650 Offers Great Value

Bigger doesn't always mean better