Have you heard about the Kia EV9 concept vehicle? It is a three-row SUV, appearing to be matched in size by Kia's gas-powered and popular Telluride. It's a vehicle that shares its platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 7, one called E-GMP, which of course then is a cross-brand setup. The Ioniq 7 could have over a 300-mile range and charge from 10 to 80 percent in 20 minutes, courtesy of 350 kW fast charging capability. Coming back to the EV9, it could have a towing capacity of 4,500 pounds. Additionally, it could be equipped with single motors of 200 horsepower, and rear-wheel drive in lower trims. Higher trims would be offering dual motors, along with AWD, plus double the horsepower. Being based on the Telluride, the EV9 could focus on range and hauling versus acceleration. The EV9 is a brand-new vehicle that could be officially revealed as early as this April, going on sale at the end of the year or early next year.

Now, why is all this important to the EV5? Well, considering both these vehicles from Kia share a similar name, we could expect them to share other qualities. In fact, Kia will have 11 new electric vehicles on sale by 2026, and you can safely bet that these two will be among them. Given the cross-brand platform design, they are also likely to share attributes of other partner companies. So even though this may seem like a bit of a hodgepodge of unrelated information, it could very well be a great insight into what we can expect from Kia in the near future in relation to the development of its EVs.

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Expect The EV5 To Be Smaller Than The EV9

Kia EV5
Side shot of Kia EV5 concept 

The EV5 could very well end up being the smaller sibling of the bigger EV9, whereas otherwise, they may compare favorably. For instance, the EV9 has three-row seating, while the EV5 is only a two-row SUV. Other than that, they look very similar when looking at revealed photos, sharing much of their aesthetic. The EV5 will have the same modern stylish design, and perhaps not much less in terms of size or even wheelbase. Therefore, it could have better range, but it would tow less. If it's based on the same platform, you wouldn't expect it to be very quick in terms of acceleration, just as its big brother isn't perceived to be. Being on the same platform would mean it could take advantage of fast charging. That means using an 800-volt electrical system. Also, offerings of multiple battery packs, with single and dual motor options could be expected.

Expect the EV5 to have a similar style in the interior to what the EV9 will display, just as the exteriors will match up well together. This could mean wide-opening rear-hinged doors in the back, wide swiveling seats in the two rows, and a flat rear cargo area. Add to that a futuristic yet simple dash design. One key difference that could tie in with the relative size gap, however, is the price range. With the EV9 expected to start somewhere between $50,000 to $60,000, the EV5 should start at around $40,000.

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The EV6 Serves As An Existing Example

Kia EV5
Kia EV5 concept interior and dash

The EV6 is another Kia model that is currently selling in the $50,000 range. It's also got that similar name with a numeric designation. This SUV isn't quite like the presumed range and hauling-focused EV9 and EV5, however. This thing is quick! It's got close to 600 horsepower, an adaptive suspension, and a near three-second 0-60 mph sprint capability! It has more of a low-slung profile, differing from the boxy style of the EV5, essentially more of a mid-size crossover. Still, the EV6 has a flat floor and wheelbase as long as the three-row Telluride. So expect a lot of the technology that the EV6 makes use of, to carry over to the EV5. This could be anything that would fit. Think motors, battery packs, seats, and interior design. Of course, all this is speculative, but it makes sense for a current Kia vehicle bearing the EV designation to lend its tech to the future siblings down the road in the EV5 and EV9.

Given said numeric designations, expect the EV5 to slot beneath the EV6 in terms of price and size. This further fuels the hypothesis of the EV5 being smaller and cheaper than the EV9, as well as the EV6. It appears then that while the EV9 and EV5 will share visible qualities inside and out, both could borrow technologies from the existing EV6 and adapt them toward their own suitable use in development. Needless to say, given how the EV5 compares to the EV9 rather than the EV6, expect the EV5 trim levels to resemble those of its bigger sibling as opposed to its existing cousin.

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Will The EV5 Arrive Stateside?

Kia EV5
Rear three-quarters view of Kia EV5 concept 

All of this speculation could unfortunately be a moot point. Just as everything is tightly lipped surrounding what the production EV5 could bear, no one knows if the SUV will see the United States. Currently, the SUV is only planned for launch in China. Kia states that announcements for release in other global markets could come in "due course," so don't fear not seeing this vehicle outside of China just yet. In the meantime, take solace in the fact that more information will become available to keep you in the know! Our inferences around Kia EV power trains, performance, range, cargo space, and charging will all come to light!