Hyundai is one of the brands that has seen the most growth over the past few years. It went from a low-cost, low-quality automaker to a company that builds some of the best and most famous cars on the market. Of course, the great efforts are reflected in the marketplace and on the roads as these vehicles are getting more and more popular. In fact, many believe that both Hyundai and Kia are on their way to taking down Toyota. All that aside, we have a new and important model coming from the brand. This is the all-new Kona electric, and it is important because it is the automaker's affordable choice. The new car has been updated in many ways when compared to the old one; therefore, it only makes sense to cover those differences.

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A Lot Has Changed On The Outside

Hyundai Kona
A shot of ICE and EV versions of the Hyundai Kona

The design of the new Kona has obviously been updated. The biggest change is the fact that the new model is now six inches longer than the old one (more on this later) while also bearing some much more modern design features. Firstly, the new Kona Electric follows the pixelated design language of Hyundai. This is something the brand is implementing to help customers distinguish electric models from normal internal combustion ones. The pixels can be found in many areas of the vehicle including the front light bar, the grille, the rear bumper, and even inside the charging port. From the side, the new Kona can be described as a bit busy, but it does fit the look of other vehicles within the brand. Worth noting is the fact that we now have some 19-inch wheels, an electric tailgate, and a panoramic roof.

One criticism that this design has received is the fact that the actual headlights and taillights have been placed in the area of the vehicle that is most prone to scraping. This can lead to some expensive parking bills. Oh, and all the safety sensors are also incorporated on that front bumper so you better make the most of them, or you will be faced with an expensive bill. However, headlight positioning aside, it is safe to say that the design of the new Kona looks far more modern than the old one. The larger wheels, big lightbars, and Pixel design language bring it up-to-date meaning that this is a car that will look at home next to any other brand-new Hyundai.

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The Interior Has Also Been Drastically Improved

Hyundai Kona Interior
A shot of the Hyundai Kona's dashboard

The interior of the old Kona EV was good, but that’s about it. With the new model, Hyundai designers and engineers did a great job modernizing the cabin. The most obvious difference is probably the screen that goes all the way from the driver to the center of the dashboard in one single curved unit. As you can imagine, this screen functions as a digital instrument cluster and an updated infotainment screen which makes the Kona more pleasant to use. Worth noting is the fact that we still get physical buttons for common controls which is great to see. Having everything integrated on a screen can get annoying.

In addition to the displays, the brand has also made drastic updates to the center console. The gear selector has now been moved to the steering column meaning that the center console now offers much more storage space. There are two big cup holders, an armrest with a storage area inside, and some neatly placed heated and ventilated seat controls. It is safe to say that the whole design looks far cleaner, more premium, and less busy than the old one. Finally, moving on to the rear, we can see the effects the additional six inches in length have had. The rear seats offer much more legroom and can comfortably accommodate adults. If you are in the market for a small crossover-esque electric vehicle that can carry four adults relatively comfortably, there aren’t many options out there that can beat the new Kona EV.

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The Drivetrain Hasn’t Changed Much

2024 Hyundai Kona Electric
Shot of a 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric plugged in at a charging booth

Yes, we’ve just stated that the new Kona is different in many ways, yet we are now suggesting that the drivetrain is the same. While that is the case, we promise many changes regarding the new model are coming up further into the article. The new model will come with Hyundai’s older electric platform design; therefore, charging times won’t be as quick as the larger and more expensive Hyundai models. Just like the previous model, power is rated to 201 horsepower and the range is a very respectable 260 miles. Sure, many people might have awaited more exciting news regarding power and range, but we believe that keeping these numbers the same as before is a wise move for now. Remember, this is mainly a city car and 201 electric horsepower paired with 260 miles of range is more than enough to keep the Kona usable and competitive. Plus, by keeping similar underpinnings to the old model, Hyundai can keep prices down in a world that gets more expensive by the day.

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Should You Buy The New Kona EV?

Hyundai Kona
A shot of the Hyundai Kona EV in the outdoors

As you may be aware, the new Kona EV hasn’t hit the dealers yet; therefore, it hasn’t been tested. However, it is safe to say that this vehicle is a great buy since it still sits on the same tried and tested platform as the old one. The difference with the new model mainly comes in the form of design, space, and comfort. This means that you will be getting a vehicle that performs similarly to the Kona EV, but is now much more pleasant to drive and own. Therefore, this is certainly a vehicle we would recommend to anyone looking for a small, practical, and relatively affordable EV.