It is always incredible to see a non-domestic manufacturer dominate the American market in a segment that has been born in America solely for American buyers. The Tacoma currently sits as the best-selling mid-size truck in the USA despite its old age and dated components. A short drive in a 2023 Tacoma will quickly prove that its transmission is unrefined and slow, its engine old and inefficient, and many of its interior features dated. However, the tried and tested platform, off-road abilities, and cool looks draw customers to this vehicle year after year. Toyota is just about to reveal an all-new model and according to the teasers so far, we believe it is going to be a great one. In this article, we are going over why that is the case.

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What Makes The Current Generation Tacoma So Successful?

Toyota Tacoma off-roading
Shot of a Toyota Tacoma off-roading

Manufacturers often think that buyers want the latest and greatest in technology and while that may be true for some, there are people out there that value the tried and tested. For many, interiors filled with screens can be annoying as they tend to be intimidating to use but also unreliable. Such people value the older technologies out there that can be simpler to use while also lasting for longer. Also, many buyers love to go for old cars like the Tacoma as they know that the engines and drivetrain have been on the market for years. Therefore, they have been tested by buyers in a variety of conditions and all potential problems have been addressed. This ensures that a vehicle like the current Tacoma will provide trouble-free ownership for years to come.

Finally, the current Tacoma also appeals to the lifestyle niche thanks to its incredible off-road abilities and cool looks. Despite its age, the current generation Taco still manages to look incredibly well. Also, its Fox suspension, rear locker, and traction systems ensure that it can keep up off-road with the vast majority of 4x4s out there. It is a package for the lovers of the old school reliable pickup and the number of those buyers seems to be increasing by the day.

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What We Know About The Upcoming Model

2024 Toyota Tacoma outline
A front 3/4 outdoor shot of the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tacoma

For the past few weeks, Toyota has been teasing the world with detailed shots of the upcoming Tacoma every Tuesday during what they call “Taco Tuesday.” So far, we have some exciting news. First and foremost, Toyota let the world know that the new Tacoma will offer a hybrid powertrain. In a teased photo, we can see a TRD Pro tailgate and a small badge stating i-Force Max which is Toyota’s new name for hybrid powertrains in trucks. The hybrid powertrain will most probably come in the form of a 2.4-liter turbo four-cylinder paired with electric motors. This will provide the Tacoma with the efficiency and power it needs to compete in today’s market.

Furthermore, we received silhouette shots of the truck that showcase a design similar to the one that was leaked a few months ago. The new truck seems aggressive and modern thanks to sharp lines and even small spoilers on the roof and bed. A detailed shot of the front headlights confirms this. Then, we got further teasers confirming a Trailhunter edition that will essentially offer factory-installed modifications for adventure lovers. This modification will come from the famous aftermarket company ARB and will be in the form of steel bumpers and probably a bed rack and maybe even a rooftop tent.

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Toyota Tacoma 2024
Toyota's three-pedaled Tacoma teaser photo 

Toyota has also teased a partnership with JBL for a factory-equipped portable speaker. In that same photo, we can see a new infotainment system and a muscular hood. The bed is also visible, and it still offers the bed rails Toyota is famous for. However, one of the most exciting and unexpected teasers came a few days ago when Toyota posted a photo of three pedals hinting that the new Taco will still offer a manual transmission. Finally, the new truck will outperform most other trucks both on and off-road thanks to an all-new coil-sprung rear axle that ditches the ancient leaf springs and drum brakes. The coil suspension will provide better ride quality, more off-road articulation and better handling both when compared to the previous model but also to the vast majority of trucks on the market which still run the older leaf springs. So, It Is safe to say that the new Tacoma will offer plenty of trim levels ranging from off-road beasts to stripped-down simple manual trucks and this is the recipe for the new Taocmas success.

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How It Will Dominate The Market

2024 Hybrid Tacoma
A detail shot of the 2024 Hybrid Tacoma 

The Tacoma will dominate the market by using the same recipe it always did. However, it will now be refined to meet the standards of today. A trim level will be available for everyone. Whether you want a bare-bones ultra-reliable work truck or a readily built expedition rig, the Tacoma lineup will have you covered. The fact that Toyota will now offer factory-installed overland accessories will save customers from the hassle of outsourcing the parts. Everything will be professionally installed by Toyota and can even be financed as one when purchasing the truck. This is a great idea.

Furthermore, the cool looks of the Tacoma will be updated making it even more appealing to the outdoor audience it was always aimed towards. And don’t forget the fact that it will now have a much more refined ten-speed auto (alongside the manual) and more torquey and efficient engines. The only concern here is that the hybrid powertrains will be more complicated than the current setup which might make them less reliable and dependable. Let’s hope that Toyota gets everything right with this new system because if they do, the market will receive the ultimate mid-sized truck.