Up until the 2024 Tacoma is officially released, Toyota will be teasing images to up the crowd’s anticipation for the event. So far, we have seen some very interesting photos including those with the Trailhunter trim level upgrades, and some other shots that give away a rear coil suspension setup and the hybrid system which will make its way in the higher trim level vehicles. However, this week we got even more photos. Once again, these are mostly detailed shots, but they offer plenty of information to the trained eye. This time, the photos offer information related to significant drivetrain upgrades and a small entertainment addition which will make outdoor activities much more fun.

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Toyota Teases A Removable Speaker

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma removable JBL speaker 

Toyota has been working with JBL for the sound systems in their higher-specked vehicles for a long time; so, it would only make sense to partner for a removable speaker in the Tacoma. You might be aware that removable speakers are an addition a variety of modern pickup trucks have adopted, and Toyota is following along. This removable speaker is mounted on the top of the dashboard and will presumably enable owners to use it for listening to music when camping, or just while sitting outdoors. It would be cool to know whether this device will be able to connect with the truck's infotainment system or if connectivity is only available between Bluetooth devices like laptops or phones; however, such information isn’t available yet. In any case, this is a cool feature, but there is more to this picture than just that.

With this teased image we can also get a quick glimpse of the edge of the Tacoma’s infotainment system. From this angle, it is obvious that the screen won’t be integrated into the dashboard. Instead, it will have a floating design. This is the same design as the one that can be found in the Sequoia and Tundra which further backs up our previous speculation of similar interior layouts between all of Toyota’s big off-roaders. But wait, there is more. Aside from the stunning views of Toyota’s chosen filming location, outside the window, we can also see a green hood with angular lines. The specific shot gives away a cool-looking green color that seems to be finished in a matte rather than glossy look (we can’t be sure of the final finish yet). The angular hood on the sides will probably lead into the new aggressive headlights which will give the new Tacoma a modern and authoritative front end. And, one of the biggest news - it will also be offered with a manual gearbox!

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A Bed Shot Has Also Been Released

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma rear bed 

Aside from the interior shot, Toyota has also provided a shot of the speaker sitting on the rear bed. In this instance, the speaker is the least interesting thing as we can gather unknown details regarding the 2024 Tacoma’s bed design. At first glance, our eyes fall straight onto the big Tacoma imprint on the top of the tailgate. Right underneath it, we can see an unusually large lip that is there for aerodynamic purposes. After all, this will be a vehicle that includes a hybrid option and aerodynamics are extremely important when going for efficiency. Inside the bed, we get the usual Toyota track system, tie-down points, and the composite material Toyota beds always had.

The most interesting part is the blacked-out protrusion on the edge of the bed – where the tailgate meets the body. This looks like an accessory item, but the image isn’t clear enough to say what exact accessory it is. We would think that the hybrid system in the Tacoma will allow Toyota to incorporate power outlets or perhaps an air compressor. These additions could find their way into the Trailhunter edition and will greatly increase the truck's appeal to lovers of adventure. The air compressor could be used to air up tires and the power port is greatly useful for powering lights or charging devices while in nature.

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The Most Exciting Image Teases The Tacoma’s Rear Wheel And Front Suspension

The above aren’t the only images we got. During the past few days, Toyota has released some even more exciting images regarding the truck's front suspension and rear brakes and wheels. Starting from the rear end, we can see an off-road detail shot of the Tacoma’s rear wheel. From this image, it is clear that the new vehicle will feature disc brakes. This is an important upgrade as the Tacoma never featured disc brakes before. It also backs up our observation of a rear coil suspension setup as the whole rear axle seems to have been updated. As you can imagine, the improved cooling abilities of disc brakes will lead to better towing performance. Also, disc brakes are more friendly towards mud driving as dirt doesn’t get trapped in them as easily. Aside from that, we can also see a TRD wheel design that is similar to the current one, some aggressive all-terrain tires, and more modern-looking squared-off fenders.

The final and most interesting tease is upfront where Toyota has provided us with an image of the Tacoma’s front suspension. As always, the Tacoma will feature a coil-over independent front end; however, we have some important updates when it comes to shocks. The suspension pictured above features Fox QS3 springs and shocks. The QS3 design isn’t currently used on production cars. Right now, it is only available for off-road vehicles like side-by-sides. This suggests that the new suspension will be a big improvement over the previous one and could increase the Tacoma’s high-speed off-road capabilities. The rest of the components upfront look typical Toyota with relatively thick CV axles and steering rack end links. Nothing new, just minor improvements on an already successful design.