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2022-Batmobile-Front-Exterior-Quarter 1
Every Batman Movie Batmobile In Order of Appearance

The Batmobile has changed over the years, and these are all live-action cars, driven by the caped crusader

Grey Aston Martin DB5 1
Top 10 Most Iconic Cars in Movie History

Unique portrayals of the cars we love have never ceased to capture our imagination, it's safe to say that these cars have a fanbase of their own.

White Kia EV6 GT 1
10 Best Christmas Car Commercials Of 2022

The thought of family, kindness, and change, are embodied in these 10 car commercials for Christmas 2022

Fluffy Iglesias 1
Here's How Much Fluffy Iglesias' 84 Volkswagen Buses Are Worth

Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias doesn't take himself too seriously. However, his Volkswagen Bus collection is seriously impressive.

Rod Hall Bronco  1
Watch As Jay Leno Cruises In Rod Hall's Legendary, Baja-1000-Winning 1968 Ford Bronco

Leno discusses the legenedary racer who competed in the Baja 1000 for 50 consective years and his race-winning Bronco

1991 Oldsmobile Caleis Quad 442 W-41 at Jay Leno's Garage 1
Jay Leno Illustrates Why This Oldsmobile Calais Quad 442 Isn't Your Grandmother's Olds

Yes, it's an Oldsmobile Caleis, but it's not your granny's boring grocery-getter. Jay Leno enlightens us about what makes this Quad 442 so special

Gymkhana 12 (2022) 1
Gymkhana 12 Is Unadulterated, Rubber-Shredding, Air-Grabbing Insanity

If you thought the previous Gymkhana videos were crazy, just wait until you see what Travis Pastrana does in Gymkhana 12

1962 Opel Kadett  1
Richard Hammond's Infamous "Oliver" Opel Is Breathing New Life

The humble Opel Kadett A from the Top Gear Botswana special gets a new life after a full restoration at Richard Hammond's workshop

2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt  1
"Bullitt" Remake With Steven Spielberg And Bradley Cooper Should Be An Automotive Blockbuster

The movie will be a new take on the classic car chase movie revolving around Frank Bullit, and Bradley Cooper just signed off on the role

Ford Fiesta 1
Ken Block's GYM3 Ford Fiesta Is Still Ridiculous Nearly 15 Years Later

One of the most wild Fiestas ever built is up for auction

Gran Turismo movie adaptation 1
Get Ready For A Film Adaptation Of Sony's Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo will soon spawn a film adaptation, but will it be as good as the video game?

VideoScreenshot--YouTube-2023Mercedes-BenzAMGGTBlackSeriesJayLenosGarage-1’39” 1
Jay Leno Sets The Record Straight About The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

Jay Leno is one of the few people to drive the elusive 2023 AMG GT Black Series supercar, and he shares his thoughts on the aggressive supercar

Jay Leno on the Rimac Nevera 1
Jay Leno Has Some Interesting Thoughts on the Rimac Nevera

Jay Leno takes a first look at the Rimac Nevera before going for a long, exciting drive

Jay Leno's Mind Blown After He Tours SpaceX with Elon Musk

Musk' plan is both impressive and scary, in the same time

jay-leno-drives-rare-yellow-ferrari-f50 1
2022 Jay Leno On Why You Shouldn't Ignore The Ferrari F50

The talk show host recently got a chance to check one not one, but two pristine F50s that belong to David Lee

Here's What Jay Leno Had To Say About The BMW That Changes Colors

The applications for the technology showcased on the BMW iX Flow with E-Ink are vast. This really is James Bond Wizardry in the making

Jay Leno and the Lucid Air 1
2022 The All-Electric Lucid AIR Dream Performance Edition Finally Makes It To Jay Leno's Garage

The American talk show host was particularly impressed by how agile the luxury sedan felt out on the road, despite its weight and size

Top Gear Special: Formula E vs WRC vs Formula One Car... Drag Race In The Wet!

Stig's Christmas wish came true as it took the wheel of Lewis Hamilton's 2019 Championship winning F1 car against in one of the most extreme drag races of 2021

Top Gear, The Ferrari F40, and the Jaguar XJ220 - This Is Going to Be Epic

The Ferrari F40 and Jaguar XJ220 were the fastest cars in the world in the early 1990s