Car Collections

Learn about the world's most famous and important car collections owned by celebrities, legendary racers, and movie stars.


'57 Chevy Gasser owned by Danny Koker 1
Danny Koker’s Insane Car Collection

Danny Koker loves every car in his insane collection but some are a lot more important due to their sentimental value

Goodguys 2023 All-American Get-Together Parade 1
Exclusive: 3,000 Classics, Customs, Hotrods And Lowriders Roll Into Goodguys 39th Annual All-American Get-Together

Heads turn for these exquisite American-made or American-powered vehicles that kick off the 2023 NorCal car show season

A Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicle 1
10 Fastest American Police Cars Of All Time

Whether it's patrolling city streets or the open highway, here are some of the fastest cars that Cops have used to pursue the baddies

Ken Block's Hoonitruck 1
10 Craziest Hoonigan Builds Of All Time

Gone, but never forgotten, we take a look back at some of Hoonigan's wildest creations under the guidance of the late Ken Block

Nissan Skyline R34 from 2 Fast 2 Furious 1
Top 10 Cars From The Fast And Furious Saga

The Fast And The Furious has taken unexpected turns over the years and amidst the chaos are some incredible cars. Here are some of our favorites

Nissan GT-R R35 Police Car 1
10 Best Police Cars

Police across the world use a variety of vehicles from sensible, duty-driven sedans to inexplicably fast monster metal

Black 1966 Batmobile parked 1
Exclusive: Over 250 Rare Historical Cars On Display In The Petersen Museum Vault

Hiding beneath the Petersen Museum, TopSpeed recently explored the newly expanded underground exhibit of automotive history, and here's what we found

2018 Eroded Ferrari By Daniel Arsham 1
'Arsham Auto Motive' Brings Mind-Bending Abstract Art Forms To The Petersen Museum

Providing an alternative lens to cars, this unique art installation by Daniel Arsham showcases life-size models made from geological materials

Ralph Lauren with black 1938 Bugatti 1
Ralph Lauren's Car Collection Proves His Taste Extends Well Beyond Fashion

Ralph Lauren has always loved classic automobiles including rare Mercedes, Bugatti, and McLaren models.

Cars from the Vault at the Peterson Automotive Museum 1
This Automotive Museum's "Vault" Holds Some Of The Most Legendary Cars Ever Produced

The Petersen Automotive Museum opens up its legendary vault to visitors and shutterbugs alike

John Cena In A Mercedes SLS 1
John Cena's Garage Puts Dominic Toretto To Shame

Pro wrestler turned Hollywood star John Cena has an incredible collection of cars, from Dodge to Lamorghini

1993 Porsche 911 Turbo S Leichtbau parked 1
The Porsche Turbo S Lightweight Is An Ultra-Exclusive 964-Gen 911

As the 964 generation drew to a close, Porsche stipped away the 911 Turbo S and created the ultimate Lightweight version

1955 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Sport Spider 1
Five Most Expensive Cars Sold In 2022

Revisiting some of the most desirable and record-breaking automobiles to cross the auction block this year

1982 Porsche 956 1
The Most Expensive Porsche Models Ever Sold

Prepare to be mind-blown at the prices of these ultra-rare Porsche vehicles

R34 GTR Lego 1
LEGO Goes "Fast And Furious" With R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec

The Lego Set will include a Brian O'Conner mini figurine

Colorful Paintings of Mercedes-Benz 1
New Automotive Design Course Could Be Your Ticket To Design The Next Iconic Supercar

Major manufacturers and an education group have joined forces to launch a free, online automotive design course

Hoonicorn RC car  1
This Hoonicorn V2 RC Car Is A Gymkhana Dream Come True

The 1:14 scale Hoonicorn Mustang brings the Hoonigan spirit to the RC world

1920 Revere-Duesenberg Four-Passenger 1
Jay Leno Outlines What Makes A Century-Old Duesenberg Racing Engine So Unique

This 1920 Revere-Duesenberg Four-Passenger features a "walking beam" racing engine, and Jay Leno goes in-depth how it works

Kevin Hart posing next to his 1969 Plymouth Road Runner ‘Mike Meyers’.  1
Kevin Hart's Outrageous Car Collection Exposed

Here's a look at some of the nicest cars in the superstar’s garage

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 1
This Deserted Garage With Hypercars Predicts A Terrifying Future

These are graphic-intensive renderings for now, but with the growing concerns of adopting electrification, this day might come sooner than expected