A ghost that was made from a monster. Sounds like a start of a horror movie. Well, it isn’t. It is a custom-built motorcycle from a Manchester-based workshop that want to push the limits, not just in design, but also in terms of components used and fabrication. This resulted in carbon fiber being used extensively, and lots of sharp lines.

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Starting With A Monster

For The Bold - Ghost
For The Bold Industries
Front shot of the Ghost by 'For The Bold Industries'

The bike used to make the ‘Ghost’ was a 1994 Ducati Monster 600. It has an air-cooled, four-stroke, 583cc, 90-degree V-Twin desmodromic engine and a five-speed manual transmission. It produces solid 53 horsepower at 8250 rpm and 35 foot-pounds of torque at 7,000 rpm. It was considered a smaller brother of the bigger 900 Monster. The engine has plenty of grunt in lower and mid-range. Unmistakable looks paired with decent performance and affordability turned the 600 into a successful model for the brand.

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It Takes More Than Just A Parts Bin To Make The Ghost

For the Bold - Ghost in grey
For the Bold Industries
Rear shot of the Ghost from 'For the Bold Industries'

More than just outsourcing different parts and then putting it together, the guys from the ‘For The Bold Industries’ built a lot of stuff by hand. One of those is the front headlight fairing. Done in a minimalist, café-racer way, out of plastic with an asymmetrical double headlight. The wheels are a different story. The rims are Takasago, made by Excel from Japan. They were designed for off-road racing and are built from 7000 series-grade aluminum. Just the thing you need for your custom motorcycle. The rims had to be matched with the hubs, which needed some extra work. The hubs, originally intended for the Yamaha XS 650, were made by Dime City Cycles, with a silver-anodized finish from a billet aluminum.

Unique Bodywork And Design

ForTheBold - Ghost in gray color
For The Bold Industries
A shot of the cockpit - Ghost from 'For The Bold'

The rest of the bike is even more impressive. The fuel tank is made out of CNC aluminum, just like the tail unit. To keep with the ‘lightweight theme,’ the all the bodywork was made from ultra-light carbon fiber. Under the frame is a TFX 141 rear mono-shock. Chosen for the lack of space, its hose is flexible, that way it can be mounted in different positions. The rebuilt engine deserves a fitting exhaust system. The Ghost got the Ex-Box stainless steel one from an Italian company called ‘QD Exhaust.’ Based on a ‘resonance chamber’ concept, it is installed low on the motorcycle, keeping the weight as low to the ground as possible should result in improved performance.

The color scheme is quite stunning. Carbon fiber, paired with angular lines and gray that shifts from darker to lighter tones gives it an elegant kind of vibe. Add to that a gloss orange powder-coated trellis frame and a black Alcantara seat with orange stitching, and you got yourself one good-looking motorcycle.