The Sondors MetaCycle received a powerful response from electric motorcycle fanatics. And the electric bikemaker wants to replicate the same with its latest offering. Called the MetaBeast, the motorcycles turn the Sondors portfolio in a rugged direction to enable some trail/off-road fun, unlike the street-only MetaCycle. More importantly, you get two variants, one of which promises Sondors’ highest performance figures.

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The Sondors MetaBeast Looks Simple Yet Special

2023 Sondors MetaBeast 2
The MetaBeast looks well-capable to take on rugged terrain

Dual-sport motorcycles have little scope for standout designs, yet Sondors has hit the nail on the head. The MetaBeast flexes an edgy design, complete with a muscular front fender and round LED headlight. This is topped by a unique weld-free, single-piece chassis (carved out of aircraft-grade aluminum) and long-travel suspension that jack up the motorcycle’s tall stance. Little details like the chunky front disc cover, blacked-out spokes, and sleek tail lamp further elevate the visual experience. Oh, and in case you like vibrancy, the MetaBeast will come in three colors - silver, black, and gold.

The Sondors MetaBeast Will Have Two Battery-Motor Combinations

2023 Sondors MetaBeast 3
The chassis is carved out aircraft-grade aluminum

As mentioned above, the MetaBeast has two variants which are mainly differentiated by virtue of performance. The base variant - MetaBeast - employs a 6 kW motor that draws power from a 2.16 kWh battery pack. Together, these enable a 50mph top speed and a 44-mile range. The real deal, meanwhile, is the MetaBeast X. It features an 18 kW motor and a 5.28 kWh battery pack–3.5 kW and 1.28 kWh more than the MetaCycle’s peak. Thanks to these, Sondors claims the X can cover 78 miles on a single charge with a 75mph top speed. The bigger battery and motor also bump the X’s weight to 200 pounds, 80 more than the base variant. Take all numbers with a pinch of salt, though, as these are pre-production specs that could very well change on the final model.

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Sondors is yet to comment on the underpinnings or features of either motorcycle. However, a closer look reveals beefy upside-down forks and monoshock, paired with a flat seat and toothed footrests. Once aboard, you’ll find a smartphone compartment, likely with wireless charging as seen on the MetaCycle.

The Sondors MetaBeast Begins From $4,500

2023 Sondors MetaBeast 4
This is the gold colorway of the MetaBeast

Sondors has priced the MetaBeast and MetaBeast X at $4,500 and $8,000, respectively. But for early promotion, the motorcycles are available at just $3,000 and $6,500 until April 11, 2023. There’s no deposit, however, and you will have to pay the full amount beforehand to opt for the deal. Once paid, all you need to do is wait for October 2023–the projected delivery date for the duo. Do these new Sondors excite you? And more importantly, do you trust the brand to make the payment upfront based on these renders? Let us know in the comments.